Amloki misoriyo grafting

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Bhumi amalaki known as Phyllanthus which means” leaf and flower”. It is an annual herb with average height of 30-40cm. Flowers are whitish-green in color and are small elliptic-oblong shaped. It is rich in the source of vitamin C. Whole plant is used for preparing various products as well as medicines. Bhumi amalaki is used for treatment of jaundice, asthma, skin diseases, cough and also purifies blood. It is found throughout the world including southern china, Sothern India and Bahamas. In India it is grown in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar etc.

Propagation is done through seeds. Sow seeds on raised beds of 30-40cm width and of convenient length. The best time for sowing the seeds are in the month of April – May.

Seedlings are ready for transplantation in 15-30 days when the plant is 10-15cm tall. Water the seedling beds 24hours before transplanting so that seedlings can be easily uprooted and be turgid at transplanting time. Transplantation is done in nursery bed having 15cm length and breadth. After transplantation irrigation is done immediately. The crops have high yield if they are grown by transplanting.

At the time of land preparation, apply well decomposed organic manure i.e. FYM @5-10tonnes well mixed with soil. The crop does not require fertilizer dose N, P and K. For high yield and better growth nitrogenous fertilizers are given in some quantity. DAP is applied as a basal dose @70-80kg/acre.

In dry areas especially in northern plains, single irrigation every fortnight is required and in rainy areas especially in southern parts irrigation is not required. Stagnating water is not the problem for this plant.

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