Barbados Cherry

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In gardens and gullies all over Barbados, fruit trees can be found growing. The growth process of a fruit tree is an amazing one as the fruit of the fruit tree provides a protective shell for the seed while it matures. The seed gets its nutrients from the fruit. The seeds of these fruits are scattered by way of the many animals that assist with this process. The fruit tree needs to be pollinated in order to produce fruit. A bee or other such insect that feeds off the flower buds usually does this.

All across Barbados, fruit trees are very beneficial to home gardens and landscapes in general as they provide shade when its hot outside and shelter for many birds. Not to mention, the many benefits that are derived from the very fruit that these trees bear.

The Soil Conservation Unit in Barbados, grows all types of fruit trees that are sold as grafted trees. The process of grafting (method in which the tissues of one plant are encouraged to fuse with those of another) entails grafting the top section of the tree to the rootstock (a plant or stump which already has an established healthy root system that can be used for grafting a cutting or budding from another plant). The size of the tree is determined by the rootstock that was used.


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