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Bitter Gourd F1 seeds 100 gm

Sunlight: Bitter gourd thrives in late spring when the summer is just picking up. The crop should receive minimum six hours of bright sunlight every day until the seeds germinate.

Spacing : Soaking the seeds prior to sowing helps them to germinate faster. Make ½ inch deep holes in the land to sow bitter gourd seeds. Space them 10 cms apart to ensure the creepers won’t eat into each other.

Growth : As the plants grow, they require the support of a trellis to creep higher. You can make a wooden trellis that can be used for all kinds of creeper plants. Sow the seeds near the trellis so that the plant doesn’t spread on the ground and rot. If you do not get a wooden support, fix up a plastic rope or wire to make a temporary arrangement for the creeper. Use Organic Growth Promoter Combo to increase plant flowering and fruiting and increase disease resistance.

Height and Spreading: The bitter gourd plant grows very tall and spreads all across the trellis. Never prune the plant because the flowering process might be interrupted. Allow it to spread until the fruit appears. If you plan of re-planting bitter gourd, leave the fruits to dry and open up. The seeds can be collected and sown again for another crop.

Temperature: Anywhere between 18 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius is vital to grow bitter gourd. If the night temperature drops, use a shade to cover the plants.


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