Blackstone Mango

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Mango cultivation in bangladesh

  1. 1. Mango Cultivation in Bangladesh Kaniz Sakina Tahmina Anwar Misha Nazmul Ahsan Prepared by:
  2. Fazlee Gopalvog Langda Candy Bar With Lentil Jam/ Jelly Pickle Among superior and local varieties of mango (Guti aam), their shapes, sizes and color vary. Mango can weigh from less than 100 gm to 1 Kg. There are over 270 varieties. Foria Misirbhog Ashwina Types of Mango Grown Raw Juice Ice Cream Flavoring Forms of Consumption
  3. Areas of Production Rajshahi Chapainawabganj Nawabganj Dinajpur Total area producing mango ranges from 35,000 hectares to 50,000 hectares per year. Rangpur Kushtia Naogaon Natore
  4.  Suitable Climate for Mango • The range of Latitude(20.5 degree to 26.5 degree north latitude) and Altitude. • A temperature range from 24 to 27 degree centigrade. • An average rainfall as low as 25 cm to as high as 250 cm. • Dry weather to induce flowering. • Any soil type, but mostly drainage deep, fertile loamy soil of high to medium high land.
  5. Planting Time & Preparation • Mid-May to mid-July is the best period for planting but mid-August to mid-October is also good. • Land needs to be cleaned of all wild growth like weeds etc. • In pit made well-leveled areas the seedling/sapling are planted generally during the rains.


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