৳ 210.00


Bottle Gourd F1 seeds 100 gm

Field Preparation
Plough the field with disc harrow first and cross plough with cultivator 3 times. Add Farm Yard Manure.
After 2 more ploughing and planking with cultivators, the field is ready for cultivation with nice soil.
Dig pits of 60 cm diameter and 45 cm depth, at 2.5 x 2 m spacing.

After about 45 days of planting the seeds, the plants grow and reach a stage where flowers start producing. Both female and male flowers are produced. Female flower will have small fruits attached to them and male flowers will not have one.
In order to have good propagation, pollination is must. If Bees activity is more, pollination will be more and more fruits will be formed. In case there is no Bee activity, pollination with hands by rubbing male and female flowers together helps bear fruits to some extent. If Beehives are maintained near the plantation, it will give result. Spraying water mixed with Sugar or Jaggery may attract Bees,which in turn will help pollination.


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