Cats eye fruits

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The Cat’s Eye fruit is  one of the most popular fruits in Southeast Asia. It is related to the Longan or Dragon’s Eye (Dimocarpus longan). Taxonomically it is a variety  of the Longan. The scientific name of Cat’s Eye plant is Dimocarpus longan var malesianus but this particular variety is widely grown only in Southeast Asia. The small fruit contain a shiny black and smooth seed, surrounded by translucent pulp. It tastes sweet, and slightly juicy.

The tree itself is quite attractive with light brown bark, dark-green pinnate leaves and small, white flowers held in terminal panicles. The flower is visited by numerous flies and butterflies. It then become the fruit which is covered by thin brown and somewhat woody skin that can be easily peel off by hand. Not only people like the fruits, but many kind of animal such as treeshrew and squirrels too.


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