Coffee Sapling

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From March through October, you’re going to want to fertilize your coffee plant every two weeks. From November to February, decrease your fertilization frequency to once a month.

If the leaves of your coffee plant begin to look brown around the edges, that means that you might be over-fertilizing it. If that happens, cut down the number of times that you use fertilizer until the leaves return to their green color.

As your plant grows, you’re going to need to re-pot it into larger and larger containers, so that the roots have room to spread and grow. At its full size, your coffee plant might reach up to 10 feet tall! For the first couple of years, your coffee plant probably won’t flower.

Again, this is because coffee plants take a very long time to mature and bear fruit. However, once it’s reached a mature enough stage it’ll begin to grow small white flowers that smell like citrus and jasmine.

They’ll only last for a couple of days before wilting, though, so enjoy them while you can! These little flowers are an indication that your plant has reached a mature enough level to begin bearing fruit! 1 to 2 months after fertilization, little green coffee fruits, also known as “coffee cherries,” will begin to grow.


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