Gold moss

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Gold Moss has an interesting, rich background that adds greatly to its value and allure. Native to China, Korea, and Thailand, gold moss has an interesting history in the United States. Due to its ability to thrive with a lack of care, it used to be a popular plant to bring to graveyards to add a splash of color. It fell out of favor because of its tendency to spread more quickly than was desirable, but it can still occasionally be found at some old gravesites.

Gold moss can be found naturally in many areas of the Northern Hemisphere, but you can find it all the way down into parts of Africa and South America! That means that no matter where you live, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to grow it successfully! You will likely have great success growing this plant outdoors, and so long as it gets enough light and the soil drains well, you should be able to grow it inside as well!

Regardless of the location you’re wanting to grow gold moss in, as long as basic soil and light requirements are met, you shouldn’t have a problem. If it’s planted in the open, for example in a flowerbed, it will spread and be an excellent groundcover that will lend some gorgeous personality and texture to your landscape. If you plant it in any type of flowerpot, instead of spreading to cover ground it will grow to drape out of the pot, giving a beautiful waterfall effect.


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