HDPE Vermi-Beds

৳ 7,200.00 ৳ 7,000.00


Installation of Vermi beds

Step by step procedure is as fallow:

  • Measure the length and width of purchased bag.
  • Measure the distance between holes in bag.
  • Mark the land according to these measurements.
  • Dig the marked land.
  • Fix fix iron angle or wooden pole in equi-distance.
  • Open and spread the word bed and place it over the pole (Inserting the poles through holes).

Filling the Bed

Now follow these steps,

  • Collect agriculture waste materials.
  • Place first layer of agriculture waste such ase used fodder. Thickness should be 5 inch.
  • Shover the layer with water cane. Desired moisture level is 50-70%.
  • Evenly spread verma cast over previous layer. 1 kg og vermicast contains up to 1000 worms. Vermacast is a body of vermicompost or soil which contains living worms and the eggs of worm.
  • Place a layer of 4-5 inch of cow dung. The excess heat of fresh cow dung should be removed first.
  • Finally, place second layer of agriculture waste. Thickness is 3-5 inch.


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