Irrigation pipe

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Types of Filters for Drip Irrigation

The filters are classified into the following types:

Filters area:

They are used to remove organic materials such as algae and coarse particles through a thick layer of sand contained in the filter through which is passed the water for filtration.


Performing particle separation from water by the effect of centrifugal force generated by the vortex, so heavy particles as the sand which can contain irrigation water are moved towards the walls after falling on the deposit placed in the bottom.

They are used when you have sand in suspension displayed in waters from deep wells.

Mesh filters:

the water is filtered by a mesh, which is defined by the number of openings per linear inch or mesh number. The particles larger than the size of the mesh openings are retained in the filter.

They are effective for lightly soiled waters with materials of inorganic origin of silt and sand size.

Mesh filters come in three forms, depending on the cleaning system having, manual, semiautomatic and automatic.

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