Thai Koromcha Grafting

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Koromcha (Carissa carandas) is a tasty fruit of Bangladesh. Koromcha is growing perfectly Southeast Asia. This climate is very productivity place in the world. There Bangladesh have a famous Bengali folk poem –”নেবুর পাতা করমচা যা বৃষ্টি থেমে যা”  This tree not long it is medium size. The tree is a semi vine shrub, about 10-12 feet high (3-4 meter) with small spines at the stalk of leaves. Semi vine means it needs a little support to stand up.
 The plant is grown from seed sown in August and September. Vegetative propagation also is practiced in the form of budding and in-arching. Cuttings may also succeed. The first monsoon shower is planting time. Plants raised from seed start bearing two years after planting. Flowering starts in March and in Northern India the fruit ripens from July to September.


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