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Saplings Height: 5 ft grafting

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I have been roaming around the villages of Bangladesh since the early 80s to cover news of prospects, fortune and miseries of farmers and the farming sector, which you have seen on Bangladesh Television’s Mati O Manush (Soil & People) programme. Moreover, I went to different countries of the world to show the brilliant advancements in the agriculture sector that the farmers have made. Since the beginning of Hridoye Mati O Manush (Soil & People in Heart) on Channel i, I concentrated to look at the farmers and the farming sector with a more in-depth vision, with perspectives like climate change, modern farming technologies, crop diversity, and policymaking in my thinking process.

It has been possible to ensure the food security of the growing population of Bangladesh with the help of agricultural scientists, researchers, farmers, extension workers, above all with the government patronage and active role of mass media for at least a decade. In this case, the development of high yielding rice varieties has played a big role. Along with the huge spread of fish farming, the tide of poultry rearing among the youth made a remarkable stride. Agricultural diversity has increased at an optimistic speed. Cultivation of various foreign vegetables and fruits has also increased. Various fruits have been cultivated all over the country for years: malta, lemon, orange, strawberry, avocado, apple plum, dragon fruit, fig etc. I have had the great opportunity to see the agriculture that has changed during the past 50 years, since Bangladesh’s independence.



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