BARI-3 mango grafting

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The study was carried out to investigate profitability of mango farming and to assess the impact of BARI Aam-3 mango variety production on the farmer’s livelihood in four mango growing districts namely Khagrachori, Bandorban, Naogaon, and Satkhira of Bangladesh during February to March, 2018. A total of 128 BARI Aam-3 growers were selected using multi-stage random sampling technique. Descriptive statistics and financial profitability analysis was used to analyze data. The net return for one hectare of mango orchard was Tk. 730233 for 6-7 years of BARI Aam-3 mango orchard. Net present value was estimated to Tk. 444397 for BARI Aam-3 which indicates that mango cultivation fetches higher returns. The estimated benefit cost ratio was 2.01 for BARI Aam-3 which ensures that investment in BARI Aam-3 is feasible for the mango farmers. The BARI Aam-3 mango cultivation was also found to be a profitable enterprise since internal rate of return was very high (83.075%). The results also reveal that human capital increased by 54.34%, 68% and 60.54%; physical capital increased by 48.17%, 58% and 50% as well as social capital increased by 28.50%, 43% and 45.95% of the small, medium and large farmers respectively due to cultivation of BARI Aam-3 mango variety. Therefore, it is highly recommended to spread the information of BARI Aam-3 cultivation as a profitable enterprise among the mango growers throughout the


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