Mini Tagor

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Mini Tagor
Brand: AGIC AGRO Nursery
Quantity: 1 pc
Product Type: Plants
Attractive Plant
Fresh and good quality available
Suitable for house, office decoration & others.

Crape Jasmine is a common flowering, ornamental and medicinal plant of India and it is a shrub type of plant. In Bengali, it is known as “Tagar” and its scientific name is “Tabernaemontana Divaricata”. This plant belongs from “Apocynaceae” family. It is a small tree and it has a thin stem; this plant is blooming especially spring season, but in all year it blooms. It has sweet scent and mostly it has five petals. Crape Jasmine needs regular watering for it growing. Fertilizing is important for this plant growth and full sunlight is help to this plant growth. This plant use for medicine; this plant is kwon as herbal plant. The milk of leaves of this plant uses for make medicine of wounds. From its flower make eye drop for eye disease and also oil for skin disease. Crape Jasmine is white in color.


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