Mustard Cake

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  1. Take 500 gm mustard cake.
  2. Add it in 15 Liters of water.
  3. Mix it well and Soak it for 24 hours.
  4. Add 1 cup per plant per week.
  5. Start with small quantity and gradually increase depending on response.

Soil preparation:

1) If you’re using the regular eight-inch pot, take two teaspoons each of powdered mustard cake, powdered neem cake and bone meal (for 12-inch pots, use three teaspoons each) and mix it with regular garden soil. Neem cake is an insect repellent and helps protect the soil from pest attacks. (All the products are available in plant nurseries, New Market or Sealdah’s phool patti.)

2) Add a handful of vermicompost to the mixture. This increases the richness of the soil. (Vermicompost is easily available in nurseries, New Market or Sealdah’s phool patti.

3) Line two-inches of an eight-inch pot with broken bricks (three-inches for 12-inch pots). This allows excess water to drain out without washing away the soil while watering the plant.

4) Fill half the pot with the sun-dried soil. Plant your sapling in it. Add more soil, starting from the side to the centre, keeping 1-1.5 inches of empty space at the brim. Leave some space at the brim of the pot, so that when watering the plant the water doesn’t overflow.


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