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Height: 5 ft Grafting saplings

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Nam Doc Mai

The Nam Doc Mai mango variety originated in Thailand and was introduced to Australia in the early 1980s. In Thailand, Nam Doc Mai is the most popular mango variety and generally eaten when soft ripe. It is a major variety of commerce in Asia. In Australia, it is eaten both as a ripe fruit and hard green fruit in Asian recipes.

The fruit quality is excellent, with a pale green/yellow fibreless flesh and a rich, sweet flavour. Nam Doc Mai is grown commercially in many Australian mango-growing districts, but is a minor variety in the Australian market.

Tree characteristics

The Nam Doc Mai tree is of medium-to-high vigour with an upright, dense canopy. The newly emerging leaves are initially light green, turn tan as they expand and become dark green as they mature. The leaves have a characteristic wavy edge. Six-year-old trees can reach heights of 6 m or more and a diameter of 4-6 m if left unpruned.


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