Red lady papaya

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How to Grow Papaya:

This is the best method of cultivating papaya as a commercial or non-commercial purpose.

As you know that, papaya is very demandable as vegetables and fruits. Generally, farmers sell 70-80% of them as a row vegetable and other 20-30% as fruits.

The organic farming procedure is slightly different from other farming methods. We will cover organic and modern farming methods here.

Here, I have discussed the seed planting method, care, and fertilizer application. Applying fertilizer for this fruits tree is somewhat different from other fruit farming. Read through this beginner guide to learn everything I have gathered over time.

Before, describing the papaya farming procedure. Let’s learn little more about them.

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  1. Jashim

    খুব ভালো মনের চারা পেঁয়েছি। ফলনও অনেক ভালো হয়েছে। খুবই সুস্বাদু একটি পেঁপে। ধন্যবাদ এজিক এগ্রোকে

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