Rice Cutter Machine

৳ 25,500.00 ৳ 25,000.00


The labor crisis is underway in agricultural land. The households are being educated for day and night. The labor crisis is the highest in rice harvesting season. But if you have a paddy cut machine at your hand, with that machine you own rice, how will it be? Surely I will be more motivated to cultivate rice!

An e-commerce company named AGIC AGRO LTD has introduced a rice cutting machine at affordable prices for the country’s farmers. The company is giving the farmers a rice cutting machine only 18 thousand rupees.

Mr. Harun ur rashid founder and chief executive officer of AGIC AGRO LTD said, “The households have become deficient in agriculture day by day. The main reason of this is the diversion of agricultural workers. So they refrain from cultivating cash crops like rice and wheat. We have brought the country to solve the problem of rice cost cutting machine. By which a farmer can earn his land by cutting the rice in his own land and cutting the rice of other farmers’ land.


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