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Spinach seeds 100 gm

How Do I Cultivate Spinach Plants?

Spinach is grown commercially on deep, loam soils. If your garden soil is acid (pH below 7), then be sure to lime the soil based on a soil test to raise the pH to 7.0. Many gardeners opt for raised beds, 6-8 inches above the existing soil, especially if they have a heavy clay soil to deal with. Working 2-4 inches of compost into the soil prior to planting is always a good idea and while you’re at it incorporate 2 pounds of a complete fertilizer per 100 square feet.

Make sure the plants are adequately spaced or you will end up with lots of very small leaves and don’t be afraid to side-dress the row with nitrogen to encourage a continual production of leaves. Ammonium sulfate at 2 tablespoons per foot of row should keep the spinach producing all season long if applied every two weeks or as needed. Similarly spinach needs lots of water but it also needs good drainage. Finally just harvest a few leaves at a time from each plant. This will allow the plants to continue producing all season.


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