Stevia Plants

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Stevia is a five year plantation crop. The crop is newly introduced in India. It gives regular earning. The first cutting of the green leaves is done after four month of the plantation and later on there will be regular cutting after every 3-4 Months as per climatic condition. The crop is only source of natural sweetener. The stevia is the first choice of the sugar free industry. The sweetener of stevia is widely used in the world. The crop is planted for five years. After the fifth year the marginal return start to decline so it is best to uproot crop and replant it. Stevia cultivation in India is having bright future.


Stevia grows well in sandy loam soils with an ample supply of water. Stevia prefers acidic to neutral soil with a PH range of 6.5-7.5 for its best growth. Saline soils should be avoided as stevia plant is susceptible to water logged conditions.


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