Strawberry Payara

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Strawberry Guava fruit Taste:

  • I have read that the Strawberry Guava tastes like passion fruit mixed with strawberry.  However, I have personally never tasted any passion fruit flavor in any Strawberry Guava.  There is just not much tang/tart to Strawberry Guavas like you would expect from passion fruit.
  • However, the Strawberry Guava taste is reminiscent of a strawberry (Although a good strawberry tastes better than the best Strawberry Guava).
  • There are about 5 small hard yellow seeds in the fruit.  Some seeds are harder than others and the seeds seem to soften up a bit when the fruit is extra ripe.
  • Another approach to avoid the tannin flavor is to just avoid the skin all together. Take a tiny bite out of the side of the fruit and like a fruit eating vampire, suck the insides out.
  • However, on the down side, there is an astringent odd-tannin like flavor to the fruit that is hard to explain.  Most of that off-putting flavor is in the skin and that tannin flavor is less noticeable when the fruit is extra ripe.  If you want that extra ripeness, you will have to wait for the fruit to fall off the tree.  When you collect the fruit that has fallen on the ground, it will be a bit mushy to touch.  At this fallen stage the fruit looks less appealing but tastes less astringent.  For myself, I try to get the fruit just before it falls to the ground. For this, I look for the darkest fruit on a branch that easily detaches from a branch.
  • On the plus side the fruit is mildly sweet with a subtle fruity flavor.
  • Overall, the fruit is not my favorite fruit, but not the worst either.  None the less, some people just love the fruit.  Suum cuique (To each his own).


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