Sweet Kamranga

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Carambola trees are seldom planted in an orchard scale. When one plans to grow Carambolas in a regular orchard they should be planted at least 20-ft apart from each other. They can be grown at up to 4,000-ft from sea level.

The plant prefers warm, moist climate and well-distributed rainfall encourages normal growth and cropping. It doesn’t have a soil type preference. Star Fruits can grow on any type of soil with good drainage but it prefers acidic soil. For cultivating them in containers they need regular attention if they are to flourish.

Plant the Carambola in a container that is only three to four inches larger than the existing root ball. The size of the container can be increased gradually during re-potting. Ultimately a container measuring 18 inches in diameter and 15 to 18 inches in depth would be required.

Use a nutrient-rich soil based compost for the plant. Give the plants a nitrogen-rich fertiliser just before the rains. Top dress, that is apply fertiliser on the surface of the soil, in case of established plants. Do this by removing one to two inches of compost and replacing it with garden compost. This general regime, combined with regular watering and prompt attention to problems, should ensure that fruits grow well.


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