Thai Jambura

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Land Preparation and Planting

In sloping lands and in staggered planting, the farm can be prepared by slashing of the vegetation and clearing of the immediate peripheries of the hills. Otherwise, the land should be prepared thoroughly by plowing and harrowing. If the soil is too acidic, lime should be applied. Holes or pits are then dug about 0.5 m deep and wide.

The plant-to-plant spacing is 8-10 m x 6-8 m, depending on the terrain and soil fertility. This is equivalent to a population density ranging from about 125 to 208 plants per hectare. To ensure supply of nutrients, compost is applied at the bottom of the hole or mixed at about 1/3 proportion with the topsoil which will be used to refill the hole after planting. In general, planting is delayed for at least 15 days if raw manure will be used.


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