Thai Sofeda

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In its native environment, Sapodilla may grow to 98′ tall w/ an average trunk diameter of 5′. But in cultivation in Florida, it grows to approx 30-49′ w/ a max trunk diameter of 20″.

It is a strong, wind resistent evergreen tree grown in tropical climates. The bark is rich with a white gummy latex called ‘chicle’. Sapodilla must be kept from freezing to survive.

Young trees will be damaged at temperatures below freezing, but a more mature specimen can be cold tolerant to 26 degrees. Seems to also be tolerant of salt spray.

Leaves are oval or eliptical shaped, medium green and 3.5-7″ long.

It has small, white, bell-shaped flowers that develop into a small light brown ellipsoid-shaped fruit, approx 2-4″ in diameter, sometimes larger. Trees yield fruit twice a year, though it may continue flowering year around.


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