Ash Gourd Seed 5 gm

৳ 200.00


Wax gourd seeds 10 gm

Growing Wax Gourd Seeds

Like any other seed growing process, growing wax gourd seeds is no simple process. There are certain precautions to be taken, fertilizers to be used, and sowing tactics to be implemented. At East-West Seed we know everything there is to know about growing wax gourd seeds.

We’ve developed an in-depth guide of everything you need to know about growing wax growing gourd seeds. From seedling production all the way through to the warning signs of disease here is your in-depth guide to growing wax gourd seeds

Seedling Production

It only makes sense that we start at the very beginning, at seedling production. It’s crucial to put intense time and care into the seedling production process. Otherwise, your wax gourd seeds will be doomed before they even begin growing.


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