Long ten

৳ 100.00


Yeard long bean seeds 100 gm


  • Long beans are most flavorful thin and about 18 inches long. (Long beans referred to as yard-long beans will never reach a yard long.)
  • Seeds inside a long bean should not be fully developed; avoid beans that are bulging.
  • Long beans are dense and meaty; they are not crisp or juicy like green beans, and they are not a substitute for green beans).
  • Avoid mature long beans that are yellow or whitish colored.
  • Avoid long beans that are limp.
  • There are both pale green and dark green long beans. A paler bean will be sweeter tasting and meatier than dark green long beans. Pale green long beans will be more tender than the dark green long beans. Dark green long beans will be stronger flavored and more firm than pale green long beans.
  • Mature long beans can be harvested for their seeds which can be dried and stored like other dry beans.
  • Beans that have grown too old will turn limp and rusty colored.
  • Long beans do not contain as much moisture as bush or pole beans (the long bean is not a close relative of the common bean), that’s what makes them more flexible and snake-like and drier to taste.


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